Java -- Java Development
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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing software development and programming services . To be listed, please submit the form.

1 JavaScript Source
2 JavaScript 4 You
3 Java Developer Page
4 Groopz E-Commerce
5 JavaScript Planet
6 Freeware Java
7 JavaScripts
8 JavaScript Destination
9 Java Goodies
10 {10th}
Java -- Java Development
JavaScript Source -- various java scripts: background effects, buttons, cookies, clocks, games, forms, scrolling scripts, password protection
JavaScript 4 You --buttons, clocks, games, forms and scrolls
Java Developer Page -- english and italian version, many free applets
Groopz E-Commerce -- Groopz E-Commerce is a real-time customer service program for your web site. It allows you to provide live support to web site visitors through an easy to use, Java-based chat interface. Additionally, Groopz allows you to "SEE" and monitor all the visitors on your web site and to PROACTIVELY contact these users offering them intelligent sales assistance. Groopz allows you to contact sales prospects when their interest is highest, when they're on your web site. Features and Benefits: Close a higher percentage of sales. Turn more visitors into customers and your customers into satisfied customers. Visitors can also request help online, and you'll be audibly notified of their request anytime you're online. Seamlessly "push" information, web pages, and files to your visitors Visitors DO NOT need special software or plug-ins to use Groopz. Groopz is a FREE service and works on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux/UNIX, etc.)
JavaScript Planet -- over 370 java scripts, many of them useful and original
Freeware Java -- many things about java
JavaScripts -- various java scripts
JavaScript Destination -- more than 200 java scripts and examples; english and slovak version available
Java Goodies -- another good java- and javascripts- associated site

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