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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing software development and programming services . To be listed, please submit the form.

2 Delphi Centre of Excellence
3 Buchanan International
4 Acker Freeman Associates
5 Silicon Commander Games
6 LalSoft Limited
7 Allen Vander Meulen
8 Gent Technologies
9 Mike Scott Software
10 Heraut
Delphi -- Delphi Software Development -- a company specializing in software development and design using Delphi
Delphi Centre of Excellence -- a team of developers with excellent skills in and experience of Borland Delphi; their Senior Developer has nearly five years experience of this exciting and innovative tool
Buchanan International - Buchanan International Limited is an ISO 90001 software company specialising in the development of bespoke database applications for business
Acker Freeman Associates - training, consulting and custom software development following languages: Delphi, Clipper, Xbase++, dBASE, , C++, Java, Visual Objects, Visual Basic and others
Silicon Commander Games - Silicon Commander Games develops shareware strategy/war games for Windows in Delphi; also offers a number of game programming tools for Delphi programmers

LalSoft Limited -- Delphi contract analyst/programmer, an UK based contract computer programmer and software developer that specialises in developing bespoke software systems in Borland Delphi 4, for a wide range of business applications

Allen Vander Meulen - freelance consultant specializing in software development using Delphi
Gent Technologies - custom software and hardware and training; Irish software house based in Dublin; offers support contracts as well as full software development and training
Mike Scott Software - specialises in consultancy and components for Borland's Delphi and C++ Builder development tools
Heraut - developers programming in Delphi; also database-development and design with Oracle and Sybase
RC car links and battery analyzer software -- RC battery life is a real issue, when competing for place in races, that can last several minutes at high draws of power on your batteries. This huge draw can weaken batteries. This program uses a probe cable, and runs diagnostics on your battery. It gives the voltage values over a time span. Use this software when applying a huge draw of current to your batteries, and plot the life that the battery can sustain. Know how to get the best performance from your batteries. Know what batteries will last the longest for your race.

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