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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing search engine services. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 Altavista
2 Excite
3 Go / Infoseek
4 FAST Search
5 HotBot
6 Northern Light
7 Ask Jeeves
8 Direct Hit
9 GoTo
10 Google
Search -- Search Engines
Altavista -- one of the largest search engines, many options, tips; offers a number of features designed to appeal to basic users, such as "Ask AltaVista" results, which come from Ask Jeeves
Excite -- one of the most popular search services on the web; offers a medium-sized index and integrates non-web material such as company information and sports scores into its results
Go / Infoseek -- offers portal features such as personalization and free e-mail, plus the search capabilities of the former Infoseek search service, which has now been folded into Go; searchers will find that Go consistently provides quality results in response to many general and broad searches, thanks to its ESP search algorithm; also has an impressive human-compiled directory of web sites
FAST Search -- FAST Search aims to index the entire web; was the first search engine to break the 200 million web page index milestone; formerly known as All The Web
HotBot -- large index of the web and many power searching features
Northern Light -- one of the favourite search engine among researchers; it features one of the largest indexes of the web, along with the ability to cluster documents by topic; also has a set of "special collection" documents that are not readily accessible to search engine spiders; there are documents from thousands of sources, including newswires, magazines and database;.searching these documents is free, but there is a charge of up to $4 to view them; there is no charge to view documents on the public web
Ask Jeeves -- a human-powered search service that aims to direct you to the exact page that answers your question; if it fails to find a match within its own database, then it will provide matching web pages from various search engines
Direct Hit -- a company that works with other search engines to refine their results; it does this by monitoring what users click on from the results they see; sites that get clicked on more than others rise higher in Direct Hit's rankings; the service dubs itself a "popularity engine"
GoTo -- GoTo sells its listings; companies can pay money to be placed higher in the search results, which GoTo feels improves relevancy; non-paid results come from Inktomi
Google -- a search engine that makes heavy use of link popularity as a primary way to rank web sites; this can be especially helpful in finding good sites in response to general searches such as "news" and "online shopping," because users across the web have in essence voted for good sites by linking to them
WebCrawler -- has the smallest index of any major search engine on the web; the small index means WebCrawler is not the place to go when seeking unusual material; some people may feel that by having indexed fewer pages, WebCrawler provides less overwhelming results in response to general searches
Netscape Search -- Netscape Search's results come primarily from the Open Directory and Netscape's own "Smart Browsing" database, which does an excellent job of listing "official" web sites; secondary results come from Google
MSN Search -- Microsoft's MSN Search service is a LookSmart-powered directory of web sites, with secondary results that come from AltaVista
AOL Search -- AOL Search allows its members to search across the web and AOL's own content from one place; the "external" version does not list AOL content; the main listings for categories and web sites come from the Open Directory and Inktomi
RealNames -- the RealNames system is meant to be an easier-to-use alternative to the current web site addressing system; in RealNames-enabled browsers you can enter a word like "Nike" to reach the Nike web site
ZAP -- the web's remote control; featuring thousands of quality links, free service, chats, principal search engines and more; ZAP is a very useful tool to reach directly the greatest sites; personalize ZAP as you like; net events, movies, health and more than 60 different categories available; an interactive atlas, many chats and forums, online translators, making ZAP a very useful tool to explore the web while having fun

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