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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing web directories. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 Yahoo
2 Snap
3 LookSmart
4 Open Directory
5 Lycos
6 Aeiwi
7 MyBegin
8 Top Web Sites Links
9 Connect Online
10 {10th}
Search -- Web Directories
Yahoo -- the web's most popular web directory and has a well-deserved reputation for helping people find information easily; the largest human-compiled guide to the web, employing about 150 editors in an effort to categorize the web; over 1 million sites listed
Snap -- a human-compiled directory of web sites; it aims to challenge Yahoo
LookSmart -- a human-compiled directory of web sites; provides directory results to MSN Search, Excite and many other partners
Open Directory -- the fastest growing directory, uses volunteer editors to catalog the web; formerly known as NewHoo; Lycos and AOL Search also make heavy use of Open Directory data, while AltaVista and HotBot prominently feature Open Directory categories within their results pages
Lycos -- started out as a search engine, depending on listings that came from spidering the web; in April 1999, it shifted to a directory model similar to Yahoo; its main listings come from the Open Directory project, and then secondary results come from either Direct Hit or Lycos' own spidering of the web
Aeiwi -- a huge directory of internet-related products and services; features also not internet-associated categories
MyBegin -- another web directory with possibility of creating own customized startpage
Top Web Sites Links -- lists many good websites
Connect Online -- another web directory

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