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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing various services for webmasters. To be listed, please submit the form.


1 ACS Studio
2 WebmastersOnly
3 Cool Archive
4 Web Time Tools
5 The RediNews Network
6 Groopz E-Commerce
7 Strategic Business Resources
8 ChatPod
9 ByteCenter
Resources -- Webmaster Resources
ACS Studio -- all what you need for web development: design, content, sponsors, affiliate programs, webmaster freebies, web promotion tools, ranking, add URL list, link and banner exchange, free hosting and business, merchant account's
WebmastersOnly -- ultimate resources for all webmasters: chat rooms, forums, web hosting, scripts, promotion tools, associate programs, fonts and cliparts and more...
Cool Archive -- free useful tools for webmasters; design, fonts, cliparts, sounds, HTML/CGI/Perl/Delphi tools, links and more...
Web Time Tools -- many useful resources for webmasters including free fonts, graphics, scripts, site submission, web hosting and more...
The RediNews Network -- RediNews provides up to the minute business news to websites; over 4000 articles daily from Associated Press, BusinessWire, Knight-Ridder, PRNewswire, and dozens more; your visitors get realtime news headlines from a query you control; search for company news, industries, economic indicators; you define the query and the number of headlines returned; you control the text styles used for headlines presentation; you provide the page template used for full-text retrieval; RediNews Network can also coordinate the placement of real-time and delayed market data on your site. Tables, charts, banners, graphs, and custom page layouts are available; 30 days free trial version of RediNews also available
Groopz E-Commerce -- Groopz E-Commerce is a real-time customer service program for your web site. It allows you to provide live support to web site visitors through an easy to use, Java-based chat interface. Additionally, Groopz allows you to "SEE" and monitor all the visitors on your web site and to PROACTIVELY contact these users offering them intelligent sales assistance. Groopz allows you to contact sales prospects when their interest is highest, when they're on your web site. Features and Benefits: Close a higher percentage of sales. Turn more visitors into customers and your customers into satisfied customers. Visitors can also request help online, and you'll be audibly notified of their request anytime you're online. Seamlessly "push" information, web pages, and files to your visitors Visitors DO NOT need special software or plug-ins to use Groopz. Groopz is a FREE service and works on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux/UNIX, etc.)
Strategic Business Resources -- Strategic Business Resources is dedicated to the provision of business intelligence through Corporate case-study driven Internet, eBusiness Process and Telecommunications conferences. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve strategic decision-making. We achieve this through creating time-efficient conference programs providing focused and informative presentations, interactive Q&A sessions and extensive networking opportunities with senior level industry practitioners.
ChatPod -- Get a TOTALLY FREE chat room here - increase traffic and enhance the web community on your site!
ByteCenter -- free webmaster tools including chat rooms, clocks, email forms, forums, guestbooks, mailing lists, polls, statistics, Tell-A-Friend scripts, URL redirectors, whois -- free list of resources; the content is always fresh and of the high quality -- a suite of various webmaster tools including HitBox Statistics, Doctor, Submit, Poll, Search Engine, Form Validation and more...
SubmitCorner -- a complete suite of free online web tools including META Tag Generator, Search Engine Submission, Robots Generator, META Tag analysis tool, and complete guides to targeting your market with search engines
Sequoia Software -- software for creating Interactive E-business Portals powered by XML; a portal application that uses Xdex software for context - sensitive searching
Traffic Accelerator -- free tools for improving your website performance: Web Site Analysis, Search Engine Checker, META Tag Generator and Search Engine Submission
LiveFluence -- Livefluence for real-time online customer service and Internet assistance over the web - a Real-Time Customer Service Tool allowing Chat Online while your visitor is in your site
Adfluence -- AdFluence Micropages extends ebusiness through your online ad campaigns using transaction enabled banners, bandwidth sensitive multimedia, real-time updated ad content, and sales lead generation. AdFluence is transforming interactive rich media advertising, direct marketing, and e-commerce using fast and compelling advertising technology that combines multimedia, interactivity, and commerce capabilities with in-depth tracking and reporting.
HTMLWorks! -- improve your website performance and use this tools to evaluate your website: HTML evaluation, Image size cutting, Keywords generator, Online HTML Editor and more...
Red Hill Networks, Inc. -- load balancer for Web, email, ftp servers, price starts from $3999 (software and hardware!); it can handle T3 traffic; the high end load balancer can handle Gigbit/s data transfer; one load balancer can handle the whole eBay traffic; web testing software $99 per host
LinkGuard Online - Free Link Check -- LinkGuard Online is a free service that lets you integrity-check the links on your site. Hosted at LinkGuard, it is a quick and easy method of checking you don't have any broken links - and you can freely scan an unlimited number of Web pages. Because it's Web-based, anyone with a version 4 or 5 browser can use it. -- free search engine for your website; fully customisable
MetaGopher -- free search engine for your website; fully customisable
ZyWeb -- create you own personalized graphics for your web site for free; this unique system requires no graphic or artistic design expertise, and yet allows a near infinite range of high quality text and 3D graphic headings to be produced in seconds
Xdex -- a cost-effective, scalable and easy to use mechanism for high performance indexing and context-sensitive searching across all XML data and documents -- the Plug-in-Portal - a suite of integrated, hosted services that can be easily added to any web site, transforming it into a customized portal. Plug-in-Portal is free, highly customizable, and includes Plug-in-Search and more -- free site monitoring; it watches your website for you; if it ever becomes unavailable, it will send an email to you or your pager gateway with detailed error information
WebAlley -- web publishing for beginners; html tutorials and web design guides; templates to help beginners writing their first basic homepage; tips on how to use graphics on your website; tutorials to teach you everyting you need to know to create and publish your first website; online home page wizard, online search engine submission
Webmasters Greatest Tools -- Free counters by Escanti. Many styles to chose from. Webmasters Online features free Escounti counters, clocks, guestbooks and much much more.
Server.Com -- offers remotely hosted free bulletin boards, guest books, calendar applications, mailing list applications, and other services
VoiceBlast -- add voice to any web page using a microphone or telephone; free service; include audio clips of your voice or other sounds in personal web pages and emails, auction sites, emails, message boards, classifieds, and more; VoiceBlast is a simple, quick, and effective way to add any audio to your site, whether your a novice or expert webmaster
ParaChat -- free, quick and easy Java based chat room you can add to your web site
Free Drive -- you can never have enough storage space on your hard drive; this service offers up to 50 MB virtual hard drive storage space with password protection; you can use it to store important documents, back up copies of your web page's html code, or whatever you want; if you like, you can share files with others by sharing your password
123Webmaster -- some good tools for webmasters and links to other site; slow server

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