Associate Programs -- Associate and Affiliate Programs
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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing associate and affiliate programs. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 Amazon
5 Life Extension Foundation
6 Mother Nature
7 Ink4Less
8 Sporting Auction
9 {9th}
10 {10th}
Associate Programs -- Associate and Affiliate Programs
Amazon -- pays 15% on individually linked books and 5% on all other items; you can build your custom bookstore, music store, and video store or simply put up a link to and get paid on all sales; customer service, shipping, tracking of sales etc.; one of the biggest online stores -- offers up to a 50% revenue share on their services; it tracks productivity of referred traffic, real-time reports, cash pay outs -- offer 50% commission on all UTrade revenues for the month of December -- is the leading retailer of posters and prints with over 50,000 items including an extensive selection from movies, music, sports, and fine art. Our images are a great fit with any site! We pay our affiliates a 15-20% commission rate on each sale and a second tier rate of 5% to 10%. We provide all the images, banners, html and detailed online reports.
Life Extension Foundation -- the first time an individual purchases an LEF product through your Affiliate page, you will receive a 15% commission; for all subsequent sales by the same customer, LEF will pay the Affiliate a 5% commission; members of LEF get 25% discounts on all products, membership is free; LEF pays you quarterly even if you have earned only $0.01
Mother Nature -- open your own natural products store for free and earn 20% commission; thousands of all natural products at up to 50% off
Ink4Less -- inkjet products sales; commissions are paid monthly on all sales up to 15% depending upon sales volume
Sporting Auction -- pays $1 for each visitor that registers to become a bidder on their auction site

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