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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing free guestbooks. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 Coolboard
2 Patricia's Guestbook Service
3 Lpage
4 Phaisto's Free Guestbooks
5 BeSeen
6 10-Zero Website Utilities
7 Multi Guestbook
8 Dezine
9 Piett's Guestbook
10 Dreambook
Free Guestbooks
Coolboard -- fully threaded discussions, searching the message boards; custom graphics/image, HTML headers and footers, fonts and mood icons; anti-spam option, community moderators, private boards; sharing a community message board with other sites to increase activity; fully customizable message board; for sites getting over 20,000 page views per day special enhancements and sharing revenues accessible
Patricia's Guestbook Service -- one of the most developed guestbook services, many features, templates, choices, etc.
Lpage -- customize your free guestbook with background and special entries; there is a choice to download your guestbook to your home in database format; the server is slow during peak time
Phaisto's Free Guestbooks -- popular guestbook service; many options and user choices
BeSeen -- different types of guestbooks, customize your own guestbook
10-Zero Website Utilities -- your one-stop shop for free, fully customizable guestbooks; quizzes, URL redirection and website promotion also available
Multi Guestbook -- another great guestbook service from SPiN; lot of user configurable options
Dezine -- fast guestbook server; you can customize your guestbook in many ways
Piett's Guestbook -- a simple free guestbook server with more than 40 configuration options; easy to setup; lacks some of the features of the big commercial servers
Dreambook -- another easy to setup guestbook service; fast loading most of the time, guestbook templates for user to choose, direct HTML editing of the form element; impossible to connect during peak hours
Guestbook Unlimited -- several options for the users, fast even during peak time, easy to setup, web based password checking and obtaining the required HTML code; small number of features in comparison to other popular guestbook servers
Toast -- free guestbook service provided by ABCtec; reliable service, easy to join, 6 guestbook templates, custom-made to user requirements; entry limited to deletion, lacks some of advance features of full power guestbook services
Madeira World -- provides easy to use and easy to join free guestbook service; easy to register, required HTML code will e-mail to user almost immediately; features limited to delete of entries although Madeira World want to introduce more user options in the future

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