Domain Brokers-- Domain Name Brokerage and Listing
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8 The Domain Resellers Group
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Domain Brokers-- Domain Name Brokerage and Listing
DOMAINWOOD -- domain brokerage and escrow services -- free domain name buy/sell site, no commissions, listing fees or posting fees, thousands of names listed, updating listings daily -- $19.95 per six months listing - no commissions, no brokerage fee, seller keeps 100% of sale, free description page, free graphical header design -- domain name exchange; provides a robust, neutral forum for buyers and sellers of secondary market domain names; provides many value added services for domain name owners -- one of the largest catalogs on the Internet of domain names for sale -- many high quality names for sale
The Domain Resellers Group -- domain brokers, domain registration, auction domain names - prices varies
WebmastersOnly -- domain names list
DomainSub -- a simple and cost effective solution to selling domain names; with their submission tool you can submit as many domain names to as many of the 100 FREE reseller lists as you like. The DomainSub submission tool is available for free. Most domain name resellers charge between $20 - $100 per name listed, with our service you list as many names as you like to the 100 resellers, thus achieving maximum exposure when selling domain names.
WantedNow.Com - The Web's Best -- Is an Online marketplace for Auctions of Domain Names and Developed Websites. Our site fulfills all the Domain related needs, making it a Domain Hub. We intend to emerge as a key player in the Domain Reseller/Secondary Market by bringing together buyers and sellers from around the World, and offering them a trusted platform for trading. The site has been designed using the input/feedback of many people in the Domain Industry. We have successfully created the 'Very Best' with the help of many of our initial supporters. Some of the neat features include Simple Membership Registration; Bulk Upload; Ability to easily Add, Modify and Delete Auctions; Password Retrieval; Password Change; Online Edit of Member Registration; etc. Our goal is simple - 'Win Customer Delight' - by offering highly professional services. Our site is designed to be very eye pleasing and user friendly. We offer FREE Membership and there is NO FEE for Regular Listings on our site. Also there will be NO Escrow fees on listings made from now till 10/31/00. A licensed Law firm will render our Escrow Services. -- all domains for sale are listed as "make an offer"
Domain Names Market -- We have Quality, Memorable and Affordable Domain names suitable for viable website development projects for sale.
VlaSoft Ltd. -- offers an excellent and Top Class service, and is very reputable (trading since 1994); they have current dealings with both The Oracle Corporation and IBM Computers; they have a commitment to quality and will continue to enhance our Internet Domain offerings and other computer related services to best suit the customer.
Domain Names For Sale -- only the best domain names are accepted; if you need a quality domain name - this site has them -- Domains- buy, sell, appraise and register. We are becoming a force in the market-place. Our commissions are among the lowest in the world-Capped at 5-1/2%. We have three levels of showcase placement, great for any budget, and we literally have thousands of names for sale. We are not a small site! Join us now! is designed by domain brokers-FOR domain brokers. We have set up our commissions to benefit the seller! Our interface is simple, fast and easy to use. We are sick of all the large sites getting all the attention, when all they seem to be concerned with is landing the million dollar name. They have forgotten about there key demographic, the mid to low level domain name holder. We haven't! We are simply a better alternative.
Sell That Site! -- domain name brokerage services; free domain name listings

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