Stock Brokers -- Online Stock Brokerages (Discount Brokers)
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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing stock brokerage services. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 DLJdirect
2 Discover
3 E-Trade
4 Datek
5 Charles Schwab
6 Suretrade
7 Quick & Reilly
8 AmeriTrade
9 Brown & Co.
10 InvesTrade
Stock Brokers -- Online Stock Brokerages (Discount Brokers)
Dreyfus Brokerage
Datek -- $9.99 and up per trade
Charles Schwab
Suretrade -- $9.95 (limit); $7.95 (market) & up per trade
Quick & Reilly
AmeriTrade -- $13 (limit); $8 (market) per trade
Brown & Co. -- $10 (limit); $5 (market) and up per trade
InvesTrade -- $11.95 (limit); $7.95 (market) per trade
Interactive Brokers -- US $4.95 for E-Mini S&P 500 futures, US $3.95 for E-Mini S&P 500 options, US $4.95 for E-Mini NASDAQ futures. With IBís high-speed network, orders are executed in seconds.
Web Street Securities -- $14.95 per trade
Unified Management Corp. ONLINE -- $0.00 commission trades for all OTC orders that are 1000 shares and greater and the stock is trading over $2.00, $14.95 for all other online trades, $19.95 for broker assisted trades
Heartland Investor Services Inc. -- Online discount trading or broker assisted accounts with free live quotes and charts. Flash fills in most markets.Resources for speculativers and hedgers with broker assisted accounts. We offer one stop service for customers whether it be broker assisted accounts that evolve into discount traders or discount traders that decide they need help with a broker we respond easily to thier needs.

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