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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing infobroker & investigation services. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 AmeriCanada
2 Infoplaza
3 Hypermed Experts
4 The Expeditor
5 F.I.R.S.T., Incorporated
6 C. D. R. Information Brokers
7 Carfax
8 {8th}
9 {9th}
10 {10th}

Information Brokers -- Infobroker & Investigation Services
AmeriCanada -- tracing unlisted phone numbers, identifying cellular phones and pagers, 800 a 900 numbers, VIN car check
Infoplaza -- pre-employment screening services, personal background, child care screening services
Hypermed Experts -- non-published telephone numbers, personal information, driver's history, vehicle identification number check
The Expeditor -- discover what a Quality Information and Research Agency can do for you; use your Reliable Locator Service to be effective with your Academic, Personal and Professional requirements; get serious with International Trade, Science, Technology, and Resource Location; make quality and revealing presentations for your Business, Trade or School Library Archive Secrets, and much more; The Expeditor does genuine research and information retrieval
F.I.R.S.T., Incorporated -- offers true Nationwide Criminal Records Background Checks on the Internet
C. D. R. Information Brokers -- Critical Data Research Information Brokers provide various information about legal, technical, human resources and Y2K readiness; they search the Internet and also use other search methods to locate, gather and package your information to be sent to you via Internet or by mail in a Spreadsheet, Document or Powerpoint presentation format
Carfax -- Order a CARFAX Vehicle History Report ...your best protection against buying a used car with costly, hidden problems. CARFAX will search its nationwide database and will provide you with a detailed report in seconds!

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