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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing commodities investment brokerage services. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 Infinity Brokerage Services
2 Field Financial Group
3 NetFutures
4 Orion Futures Group, Inc.
5 Great Pacific Trading Company
6 CFOS, Inc.
7 American Futures & Options
10 Xpresstrade

Commodity Brokers -- Online Commodities Investment Brokerages
Infinity Brokerage Services -- $18 and up per trade, online trading thru LEO, infoline, monthly newsletters, free 24-hour quotes, research, computer order placement, and exchange minimum margins
Field Financial Group -- $19 per trade
NetFutures -- $19.98 per trade
Orion Futures Group, Inc. -- Full, discount, online futures trading and managed accounts. Live quotes, custom java charting, no account minimum, online account review, research and more!
Great Pacific Trading Company -- Free Paper Trading, Charts, Quotes, and Research; price: from $12.50 per trade and up; their free "Paper Trading" program is second to none in providing personal attention and help for new traders and speculators in the commodities markets.
CFOS, Inc. -- Commodity Futures & Options Service, $20-$22 per trade, free quotes for customers, direct floor access, 24 hour order placement, and fax-email order entry/confirmation
American Futures & Options -- $16 and up per trade -- Deep discount direct access online commodities futures & options brokerage. Trade from $4.50 / FLAT! Choice of trading platforms, live quotes, live account updates, half margins for daytrading, free broker backup and more. -- Thinking about trading? Currently trading? Tired of high rates and no service? Come on over to the firm that puts your needs first! Lots of free trading tools and personal support without the extra cost.
Xpresstrade -- $26.26 and up per trade, account minimum: $5000
Level 2 Futures Trading -- Online futures trading with direct floor access. Name your rates! Choice of trading platforms. Streaming live quotes, custom java charting and 24 hour trading.
Trade Center -- $21 and up per trade
First American Discount -- $30 and up per trade
Interactive Brokers -- US $4.95 for E-Mini S&P 500 futures, US $3.95 for E-Mini S&P 500 options, US $4.95 for E-Mini NASDAQ futures. With IB’s high-speed network, orders are executed in seconds.
ClearTrade Commodities -- Free, ClearTrade Online Resources for Commodities Futures & Options Traders. Price Quotes & Charts, Morning Opening Calls, News & Views from renowned experts, Calendar of Events, Government Reports Much, much more.
Apex Futures -- Deep Discount online futures and options trading for $9.95/side, FLAT! Direct floor access using our online trading software with E-Mini fills in as little as 3 seconds. Free research, quotes and charts. whytop10 -- We offer one of the lowest online trading rates available to the public while still having a low starting balance of $4,000 and allowing direct floor access to our clients. All clients also receive free cjarts, quotes and research.
Tessera Trading -- offers full service trading at $25 and up per trade, provides a trader friendly enviroment -- An Internet based brokerage firm offering the only true electronic direct-to-floor order entry system for the open outcry markets. Online marked-to-market statements, interactive charts, real-time quotes and extensive in-house research from leading industry traders. Complete account plans from discount, broker assisted, full service and managed account facilities.
Jones Ag Marketing Online Futures Trading -- Online Futures and Options trading, day trade rates $22 per contract, overnight $25 per contract with discounts for 10 contracts or more, minimum $5000, free charts and quotes, financial news information, featuring simulated trading to test trading skills and signals
Alaron Trading Corporation -- $15 per online trade, provides online futures and options trading, free real time quotes, charts, futures news, inhouse futures research and up-to-the-click account balances; deep discount, broker assisted, paper trading and online trading; free futures research
Frontier Futures, Inc. -- quality executions, friendly service, salaried brokers and low commissions of $29-$9 round turn
Westfall Financial Services, LLC -- provides the following services to their clientele: real-time quotes and account statements, The Weekly Analyst Newsletter and Course, Full-Service Online @ $30 r/t, 1 On 1 Instruction; offers ability to trade online or through a broker, or any combination of the two; no minimum balance requirements or fees; you can call 1-800-865-2558 for more info
Futurenow Technicals/LTF International, Inc. -- futures markets daily newsletter and trading recommendations for 20 actively traded commodities markets; discount professional brokerage services, Online Futures and Options Trading; weekly futures commentary - no sign-up needed
Farr Financial, Inc. -- $9 and up per round turn, no fees; account minimum $2000; offers commodities traders a comprehensive trading experience: quotes, low rates, fast fills, personable service, managed accounts and help for beginners
Grants Pass Futures and Options -- online discount trading, free interactive commodity charts, daily commodity market wrap-up and historical data, wide range of services free of charge -- Deep discount online futures broker. Trade online for $9.99. free charts charts and quotes.
The Weekly Analyst Newsletter & Course -- offers The Weekly Analyst Newsletter & Course; with your Analyst ID & Password, you may download the Course Manual, read it online and browse through more than 6 months of our Archived newsletters; more than 1,000 full-screen, analyzed charts available; it is a "free to all comers" book that teaches new traders everything they need to know about technical analysis and general market mechanics - free and without obligation of any kind; you can call 1-800-865-2558 for more info
International Futures, Inc. -- We offer a FREE DAILY ADVISORY E-Letter to clients and prospects which provides 2-5 DAYTRADE and OPTION strategies each issue. Web Site contains Charts and Quotes as well as copies of ALL trade recommendations for this year.Technical analysis is provided by our in house CTA. We also offer exclusive Managed Programs in the Futures markets.
Futures & Options -- Business opportunities with 'Multination clearing member firm'; US$ 15.00 ( US Dollars Fifteen) Round Turn Commission, No volume restrictions, No hidden (extra) charges / fees. Commission Discount on good volume of business. To execute and clear your Futures, Options, Spot as currencies, gold, silver (all metals), stock indexes, bonds and bills, etc. -- We are the leading online futures trading firm. Offering a wide variety of International products and services.

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