Pay-Per-Click -- Click-Through Banner Programs
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This is the directory of the best companies and individuals providing banner associated services. To be listed, please submit the form.

1 TeknoSurf Adwave
2 ValueClick
3 SAFE Audit
4 Shout! Ads
5 eAds Network
6 Click-Thru Network
7 Advertising Online
8 Lifecams
9 {9th}
10 {10th}
Pay-Per-Click -- Click-Through Banner Programs
TeknoSurf Adwave
ValueClick -- one of the first companies, good services
SAFE Audit
Shout! Ads -- up to $0.15 per click; also banner exchange program available
eAds Network -- checks your web site and if you meet their criteria you will be accepted
Click-Thru Network -- offers several ways to earn credits and one credit guarantees one visitor to your site; if your site refers someone to the network, you will get $2
Advertising Online -- provides educational information to all companies that have an interest in internet advertising; no retainer fees
Lifecams -- Now offering 5 cents per click through. Large traffic sites can earn more, after emailing me.

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